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Interview with Professor Brian Tufts


The 4 Basic Slow Attacks 

  1. Tan Punch
  2. Pak Punch
  3. Lop Punch
  4. Bong Sau

Sticky hand Motions 

  1. Dan Chi Sau
  2. Chi Sau Basic Motion
  3. Lop Sau Basic Motion

Basic 4 Attacks and Defense from Lop Sau 

  1. Bue Sau
  2. Dai Jeong
  3. Gum Sau
  4. Pak Punch

Basic 4 Attacks from Chi Sau and Defend 

  1. Punch 
    1. Punch Attack
    2. Punch Defense
  2. Palm Stike
    1. Palm Stike Attack
    2. Palm Stike Defense
  3. Lop Da 
    1. Lop Da Attack
    2. Lop Da Defense
  4. Pak Punch
    1. Pak Punch Attack
    2. Pak Punch Defense

Apply the 8 Basic Attacks and defensive

Mix techniques from from Lop Sau and Chi Sau

Sifu Dark Background BW.jpg

Follow the lessons in order. Please do not skip ahead. You must walk before you can run. 

-Professor Tufts


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